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Thread: Locking Tokens

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    Locking Tokens

    I have a token module full of random assets(fire, objects, misc) that I want to use in-game but the only problem I have is that my players and I have trouble with so many tokens on the map interfering with their movement like when there is a token above your PC token.
    Is there a possibility to lock some tokens from selecting and moving and just be part of the map itself?

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    No. But if you are using FGC you can use one of the several extensions that have layer capabilities in them and then put them on a layer the players can not interact with. In FGU you can add them as assets and then the players will not have the ability to move them.

    Also, those are generic answers. Depending upon what ruleset you are using, the answer may vary. Questions like these are usually ruleset specific, and are best asked in the ruleset specific forum, so we don't have to guess

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    Which extension is that of the layers? Only the DM has to download it or everyone playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jets View Post
    Which extension is that of the layers? Only the DM has to download it or everyone playing?
    This one https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-on-CoreRPG%29

    And yes, only the DM needs to have the extension downloaded and selected in the campaign
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