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Thread: Map/Icon Issues

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    Unfortunately no. Whatever the issue is it is on your machine or your router somewhere. Since you can connect ok, and get some information it sounds like a throttle of some kind.
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    Have you tried a VPN to see if that solves this? It would at least give us more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    Have you tried a VPN to see if that solves this? It would at least give us more info.
    I'll give that a shot when my DM can run the server again and report back...coincidentally he's in the process of moving so it may be a few days, and if it happens to have been something related to his ISP somehow everything might work fine afterwards anyway.

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    Alright, first off thanks for all the attempts to offer assistance from everyone.

    To give an update on this issue, my DM spun the server up this morning from his new place, different ISP but everything else identical.

    When I connected I immediately had a ton of lag and FG was busy downloading stuff at ~20MB/s, after a few minutes it settled and I was able to pull up all our maps with fully loaded drawings, tokens, map images (in those that had them), etc with no issues.

    It's possible there was some issue between my DMs old ISP and my own, but whatever the issue is it definitely wasn't local to my system and had something to do with networking between myself and the DM, which was solved by my DM switching to a new ISP.

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    yes very possible.
    the internet is a very complicated thing even though it works so very well in so many instances there are always thousands and thousands of things not working at any given moment.

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