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    Tara *cannot* play (7th level)...

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    One update on my participation:

    As far as it looks like, I will be able to join, probably with a few minutes delay, as I have a game directly before. When I asked him, the GM wasn't entirely sure how fast the scenario is, but he was quite confident that it would take around 4 1/2 hours, including possible delays due to being a convention game, which would mean it's finished at 12:30 pm UTC.
    If it becomes quite clear that the scenario will take much longer than that, I will inform you.

    Secondly, I only see two characters actually listed in the game calendar. Do you know what levels are Rob and Bruce going to bring (aka which subtier this will end up in)?
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    I believe the only ones they have in that tier are level 6s.

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    Unless any technical problems crop up we'll use Teamspeak again today.

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