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    5E - Matjam's Status Indicators

    Matjam's Status Indicators

    This extension is intended as a simpler replacement for the save status indicators from 5E Combat Enhancer by Styrmir and 5E Map Indicator for Death by Celestian.

    It is not intended to fully replace 5E Combat Enhancer; but rather to just give the following features:-

    • Currently displays the status of character health via blood splatter; and will render a skull and bones when the character is either dying or dead.
    • Displays the result of a save as a thumbs up or down with a yellow thumbs up for half save.
    • Save result clears when you step to next character in the combat tracker.
    • Can be turned on/off in the options panel.
    • Blood splatter is attached to the character token not rendered to the map. I did not implement layers intentionally.


    5E Combat Enhancer is complex, and is implemented by basically pulling in and making custom edits to core 5E files in Fantasy Grounds. I found in practice that this would interfere with other extensions that don't do that.

    I also found the layer functionality confusing and problematic.

    So, I intend to implement the features I need that I can't plug with other extensions.


    Go to the Releases page and grab the latest release, and drop it in your Fantasy Grounds data/extensions folder.


    • Kent McCullough for guidance and for providing an excellent pattern for hooking into functions in the Fantasy Grounds 5e and core rulesets.
    • Styrmir for 5E Combat Enhancer.
    • Celestian for 5E Map Indicator for Death.
    • Darkslyde for forcing me to get off my *** to do this.


    All code is MIT licensed, as per the LICENSE.md in this repository. I did not copy any code from other projects; I did however follow some of the patterns that people implemented.

    Images are either CC0 or Public Domain, as noted in the license file. (You will note I reused some images from 5E Combat Enhancer; they are in the Public Domain as Styrmir noted in his licensing.)


    Other Notes

    I'm open to feature requests. If this extension does most of what you think is good and would like to see some other related features, let me know and I'll see how hard it is. You can find me on the Fantasy Grounds PUG server on Discord as @matjam.


    • 1.1 - bugfix for clients throwing an error on load
    • 1.2 - added options to allow blood spatter/skulls/save indicators to be disabled.
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    Nice work

    And thanks even more for specifying your license. I appreciate that and hope that all the community devs do as well.

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    Nice !, Will you in the future ad an option to turn off blood splatters and skulls?
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    Well done, nice work.
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here http://fgapp.idea.informer.com/

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Nice !, Will you in the future ad an option to turn off blood splatters and skulls?
    Added :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by matjam View Post
    Added :-)
    Thank you !!!!

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    Hi Matjam, is this extension working only for FGC?

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    Do I have to uninstall something from 5e Enhancer or is Ruud extension a complement to 5E Enhancer?

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    I use the 5e enhancer sub extension, you need to switch of sub extension for, Save.
    You can leave sub extension for Wounds on. If you in options, turn of skull and blood spatters for 5E - Matjam's Status Indicators.

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