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    That should be the latest version.. Could you post screenshot of what your seeing? I don't think its interference with another extension... I use quite a few and it has never interfered unless you use the 5e Enhancer though.

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    Here is an example:
    Screenshot 2020-11-16 153932.png

    As you can see the blood and thumbs up are small given how close I am zoomed in on this map.

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    Strange.. might be due to the map size or, grid size?

    Here is what it looks from my end.. with the same version.

    Tip: Quick test.. with only Matjam's on couldn't hurt, just to rule out a conflict.

    Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 22.44.46.png

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    So I did some testing.

    1) Tested with only Matjam's on the same map (large) with small grid size (20x20): Indicators were very small, but this does rule out an extension conflict
    2) Tested with large map vs. small map using the same grid size (50x50): Indicators were normal size, but this does rule out map size as a conflict
    3) Tested with large map and a small map using small grid size (20x20) vs. big grid size (70x70): On a small grid size, Indicators were abnormally small. On a large grid size, Indicators were normal size. This means that the problem is definitely scaling based on the grid size, regardless of map size.

    I then focused on testing various grid sizes, subjectively 30x30 grid or smaller seemed to really shrink the size and on a 20x20 grid you get what I posted above. Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be oversizing if you get bigger and bigger, meaning it seems to scale up fine.

    Edit: Actually I have to recant the italicized statement above, scaling seems to be a problem, because if you really increase the grid size you can see it extend beyond the token.
    Last edited by Korav; November 17th, 2020 at 02:23.

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    Adding the following after Line 186 in the status_indicators.lua file seems to solve my issues with sizing in FGU

    if UtilityManager.isClientFGU() then
        statusWidget.setSize(80, 80); -- 80% size
    That sizing function should then read as

    function applyBitmapToToken(tokenCT, bitmapName, tokenName)
        if tokenName == nil or tokenCT == nil then
        local nWidth, nHeight = tokenCT.getSize()
        statusWidget = tokenCT.addBitmapWidget(tokenName)
        statusWidget.setSize(nWidth, nHeight)
    if UtilityManager.isClientFGU() then
        statusWidget.setSize(80, 80); -- 80% size
    I've only tested for 10 minutes on 1 map though so let me know if it solves the issue for anyone else

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    I made the change as described by 0m0n, repeating the tests I did above and it does indeed seem to solve my issue. Thanks 0m0n!

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    So I have a question... I assumed, maybe incorrectly, that the graphics for Save Indicators were shown also to players. I can confirm by running a local instance that the Blood Splatters do show up for the player, however, the Save indicators do not. Can anyone else confirm this behavior? Should the Save Indicators show for the players? Could it be related to the changes suggested by 0m0n (which I have made in my local copy)?

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    The original one did show to players.. I believe, you could do a test with the one that was not modified?

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    I tested again with the original, unmodified version, and it does not show save indicators to players. It's strange though that blood splatters work without issue.

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