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    Token Issues

    While using a custom map for a campaign, any PC tokens added to the map did not work unless the players zoomed out before trying to move a token. I (the GM) am having a similar issue where unless I select the tokens multiple times, I cannot move them or otherwise change them. I have not tested this on NPC tokens yet. Is there a setting I need to alter to prevent the tokens from being "locked" when they're added to the map?

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    I have not heard anything specifically like this before.

    Some questions/comments:
    * If the token is added to the map from the combat tracker, the player should only be able to move the token if it's a PC they own. (or any friendly unit if Party Movement and Vision option on)
    * If the token is just added from the bag, I believe that the token should be movable by GM or player (but might need to review since that isn't used as often). Or there might be a radial menu setting to enable Public Edit flag for token.
    * What OS and mouse type are you both using? (i.e. Windows/Mac, trackpad/USB/wired)
    * What ruleset are you using?
    * Which token are you using? (from official DLC, custom image)
    * What token style are you using (pog, overhead, etc.)


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    I have been adding the tokens from the combat tracker directly. OS is Windows 10 with a USB wired mouse. Ruleset is Pathfinder 1st edition, tokens are using custom images. They are not overhead style tokens.

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    Do you have an example problem token that you've been using?


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    Token Example.png

    This is what I'm currently seeing on my side. The token that has an afterimage is the only one I'm not able to move right now, but every other token can be moved. All players have control of their respective tokens now. One thing a player noticed is that the names might not be attaching to the tokens, which could explain why they don't work right away, but as this is the first campaign I've hosted I'm not experienced with figuring out solutions to errors yet.

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    Ah, that might be the elusive token duplication issue we've occasionally seen, but have been yet unable to reproduce internally.

    Do you know what you guys were doing when it happened? (Were you both moving the same token(s) at the same time? Was someone dropping rolls while another person moved? etc.)


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    None of the players were doing anything when the issue came up. After some experimentation with the maps, it was determined that the issue was apparently the file type. My original map file was a PNG, but when I uploaded a new copy as a JPG file, the tokens worked just fine. Other GMs in my group have used PNG files with no issue before. Is there any reason a PNG image would cause tokens to not work?

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    No, they are treated exactly the same across the UI. Except for the loading to in-memory bitmap texture, they are not treated any differently.


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    Perhaps the map png file had an alpha channel that was interfering? Total speculation, but that's the biggest difference between the file types I can think of.

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