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    Metal dice suggestions?

    I have a set of amazing looking new dice incoming from Pinnacle from the new Deadlands kickstarter - but I got excited and decided wanted another less fancy maybe set before then.

    I ordered:

    and while I loved the d20's size/weight well enough, the d6 were a tad small and the d8 was way too tiny for me. I didn't open up the rest and returned the set. Was bummed but what can ya do.

    Does anyone know of some decent lines for metal/aluminum dice where the sizes are like your standard old dice we have been using since the 70s? Unless I get a good recommend (or from Amazon where easily returned) I will have to wait until can go to a gaming store and eyeball them first otherwise.


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    I have several sets of these and they are AMAZING! They are oversized and EXTREMELY heavy and make an awesomely satisfying THUD sound when you roll them...


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