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    Constant Lock Ups - Completely Unresponsive This Evening

    Ruleset: PFRPG2

    My group just had to give up on a session this evening because FGU constantly (every few minutes) kept locking up, and we had to wait for many minutes every time for it to catch up and become responsive again. It has never been this bad before.

    It would even lock up when no one did anything, and the time between the lock ups was shorter than the time we had to wait for it to come back.

    I have attached the log from immediately after one such lock up, where it eventually recovered (after >5 minutes). If you need anything else to help diagnose, am happy to share what is needed.

    Kind regards.
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    The latest version of FGU was destroying the CPU on my Mac. I had only 10% idle with that and Zoom running with FGU doing 80%+ of the work over time.

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    It wasn't the hardware in our case this evening. At least not according to my Task Manager. Computer was buttery smooth, just FGU completely unresponsive.

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    I am here to post my own 'FGU went crazy thread', but completely concur. Last night felt like several steps backward in my group as well, with players losing connections, lots of locking up around the group, and poor performance.

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    And here I thought I was going crazy. FGU does indeed lock up and take considerably longer to load/populate than FGC. It is absolutely unplayable in this state.

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    I've also had issues like this. Seems to get worse the longer the session goes. It does seem to struggle the most the first time I click things. Like the first time I click on "NPCs" for the session, FGU locks up for a full 2-4 minutes, but after that it usually only takes 10-30 seconds.

    But last night in my session trying to click around PCs sheets was locking up the session for a couple minutes each time. It just became too much and we ended the session early. I just thought it was because we have 6 players + the DM for our game, but maybe there's other causes.

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    As I understand it, FGU has changed the way it parses and fills things. I think it does it on the spot now as opposed to pre-loading (which is a huge step backwards in performance) and it shows in all aspects of the FGU program. It was a poor design decision and unless they got an xml/lua parsing wizard optimizing those scripts/code.. its something that we will have to find workarounds for ourselves. The memory management also seems wonky at times... almost like a memory leak (noticeable when running longer sessions). I haven't seen the code myself, but judging on how the program is functioning/running in its current state.. I'm confident these are the primary issues. Time to elect for patience while they sort things out.

    As a non-affiliated person.. my personal advice is we either go back to FGC or find another VTT until FGU is in a working state. For me, that looks like another vtt as I don't personally have a FGC ultimate license.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin View Post
    I've also had issues like this. Seems to get worse the longer the session goes. It does seem to struggle the most the first time I click things. Like the first time I click on "NPCs" for the session, FGU locks up for a full 2-4 minutes, but after that it usually only takes 10-30 seconds.
    This wasn't that kind of lock up, where it takes some time to open something for the first time. This was occurring constantly, without having to do anything to prompt it. We were between 2 and 3 hours into the session when we had to give up because of the lock ups. To be fair, it didn't start out doing it, but when it started, it was constant. We even all relaunched FGU and restarted the session to see if that helped - it didn't. In our previous sessions, it had never been like this before. I would suggest the cause was the map we had open, but it's the same map we've used in previous sessions which ran brilliantly.

    Using Fantasy Grounds Unity exclusively.

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    mmmm looking at the log One of your players kept attempting to connect with a client that was out of date.
    Annotation 2020-07-05 074356.jpg
    FGU wont shut down because of this. It will load in the other players as they connect, but as this one player keeps trying to connect and getting rejected its slows everything down.
    Certainly at the beginning.
    Also You had some extensions loaded through this, Clock Adjuster and Better save description. When this sort of thing happens try restarting and removing the Extensions, the FGU code might be getting unjustly accused...

    An Update may of moved or changed some of the FGU around and things arent where the extension expects them to be, but that doesn't stop it from continually trying and sucking up your clock cycles
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