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    Version .74

    Fixed a bug where if you delayed initiative and it took you to the same initiative as others, depending on if the default "tie" sorting from the 2E ruleset put you at the top of that list, you could be skipped.

    Added an "End Turn" button in the top combat section of the Actions tab on the character sheet. You still need to hold alt, shift, or control to make it delay a turn rather than end it. Entirely separate button coming soon for delay, probably. Button appears regardless of whether or not you're using the new initiative system, but like the combat tracker button, only allows for "delay" if the new initiative system is enabled.

    Version .75

    Fixed an issue where the "generic" init buttons (not tied to a weapon or spell) were rolling incorrectly.

    Fixed a display issue that said the NPCs would go one phase slower when the PCs rolled a 10 for init.

    Added a bunch of console debug lines to show what's happening during initiative rolls to help with any future bugs.
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    Version .8 update

    Renamed the "End Turn" button added in the previous version to "Done".

    Added a "Delay" button that drops you one initiative phase. Unlike the "Done" button next to it that I added, "Delay Turn" is only visible if you have the Player's Option Initiative rules enabled. You can still hold control, alt, or shift while hitting the End Turn button (either on the action tab or the combat tracker) to delay instead, too, if you prefer.

    Added fatigue tracker and armor/shield damage trackers to the main tab of the character sheet. Allows players to adjust this manually if the need arises. These controls are not shown if their respective options are not enabled.

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    Version .81

    Fixed a bug where dragging an untargeted attack from the chat window to an actor would cause an exception. This should now work without breaking, but note that options like weapon type vs armor to-hit modifiers, critical hits, etc won't process when doing this because it loses information about what the attacking weapon was.
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    With the latest 2E ruleset update which added a Delay button, the Delay/Done buttons that I added in version .80 seem to be broken now. I'll try to get those fixed soon and integrate with the ruleset changes. Holding control, shift, or alt while clicking "End Turn" on the combat tracker still works to delay turn.

    There's also a known issue with player's rolling init in the PO init system, where it assumes they always won the group init roll and ignores a 1 or a 10. Note that if a DM rolls it for a PC it works, but if the PC rolls it themselves it doesn't. This is due to a bug where I'm trying to track state of that group init roll, except it's only on the server side and not the client side so it fails to look it up properly when anyone but the GM does it. It'll be fixed in the next version as well.
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    Noticed a couple things in my game tonight relating to armor damage.

    1. PC is wearing Samnite armor and the extension is treating it as no armor worn. Samnite is AC 5. Screenshot of the armor on the PC follows. Samnite armor is I believe in the Fighter's Handbook. I entered the 2 into the HP Lost field to keep track manually (re: screenshot).

    2. All PCs wearing armor except the Samnite have the extra fields on their Main tab except for a newly created PC. This PC is wearing standard leather armor and the extra fields do not show up on his Main tab. When hit, the armor absorbs damage and when I examine the details of the armor, the damage field correctly shows me the points absorbed. Other characters wearing leather armor have the extra fields.

    Any ideas?


    Edit: I exited and launched the campaign again. Now the issue in item 2 shows properly. Issue 1 is still unchanged.

    Edit 2: To fix one do I have to add armor data points to the Samnite so the extension knows how much can be soaked before loosing AC?

    Edit 3: OK so I added to the Samnite armor properties HP:[8, 6, 4, 2, 1] and it seems to work now.

    Disregard this whole post unless you want to impart some wisdom.
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    Version .85

    Just updated the extension.

    • Removed the delay button I'd added previously and hooked into the Delay buttons that are now part of the 2E ruleset. The behavior of those buttons will now change depending upon which initiative system you're using.
    • When increasing fatigue manually via the control on a character's main tab, treats the character as "unrested" for the round so they no longer gain a fatigue point back when that round ends.
    • Fixed an issue where the group init rolls for PCs wasn't working correctly, resulting in them having a potentially incorrect initiative whenever a player rather than the GM rolled their init. Basically, players were unaffected by 1s and 10s on the group init roll, and always treated as being on the winning side of group init before this fix, if the player themself rolled. Oops.
    • Changed my dumb fumble tables that I'm still not happy with.
    • Fixed a minor bug where fatigue state (whether or not a player should gain fatigue when the round ends) wasn't clearing after the encounter ended, resulting in sometimes incorrect results on the first round of the next combat.
    • Changed the Threshold of Pain effect to be "Stunned" rather than "Unconscious".
    • Added a DMGDX effect. It is similar to the DMGX effect, which multiplies the damage result by a number, except that DMGDX multiplies damage dice by a number. For instance, backstab for a 5th level thief in the existing ruleset might have the DMGX:3 effect, multiplying their rolled damage by 3. If they roll a 2 on a 1d6, their backstab damage would be 6. Using DMGDX:3 would instead roll 3d6 for damage. Using DMGDX, only the dice are multiplied (and then rolled separately), and modifiers such as strength, specialization, etc are not multiplied. There's no option in preferences that enables this effect... you can simply add that effect to things or not, as you wish.
    • Discovered that the Player's Option Combat & Tactics book was misprinted, and the piercing and slashing critical hit charts were mislabeled. I'd been wondering why piercing crits could sever limbs but slashing crits couldn't! Found errata on that and switched those up in the extension so they're correct now.
    • Removed the "done" button I'd previously added to the action tab of the player sheet which would end the character's turn. For some reason it wasn't working anymore after the 2E ruleset change and I was feeling too lazy to fix it since it was just a "nice to have" anyway.

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    Today's 2E Ruleset update had some big combat tracker changes that caused the extension to break while loading. I've just uploaded version .91 to fix that, though I need to do some more testing to see if everything still works with the combat tracker changes. Preliminary testing seemed okay. Since it might be a day or two before I can do that, I figured I should get the big fix out right away though.

    Version .91
    In this update:

    • Added an option to add the "Comeliness" stat for characters. Only appears on PCs, not NPCS, because I'm lazy and figured for 99% of NPCs you won't care, and if you do, you can just add a note in their "special defenses" or something
    • Added an "Honor" stat that can be enabled and follows the rules for Great Honor, Normal Honor, and Dishonor that are used in Hackmaster. The short version of this is that if the honor score of a character is in the proper range for their level, they are considered to be in Great Honor and will get a +1 to every die rolled (as far as automation go, this applies to attribute checks, skill checks, saves, heals, attacks, and damage). Dishonor does the same thing, but with -1 per die rolled. To be clear, this is a +1 per die, not per roll. If you're rolling 1d4, that's a +1. If it's 2d4, that's +2. If you're using the penetration option and your 1d4 penetrates 3 times, that's going to end up being +4 damage.
    • Lastly, as mentioned before, fixed a reference the extension had to some combat tracker elements that don't exist after today's ruleset update. Still testing for other problems, though.
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