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    50 Fathoms SWADE GM GUIDE Load Issue (Fantasy Grounds Classic)

    Aki -

    I initially sent this email to the fantasy grounds support email. They responded requesting that I post it here for you. In essence there is a 50 fathoms load issue for fantasy grounds classic.

    When players bring up the modules load page in FGC, they see 50 fathoms (SWADE) players guide. 50 fathoms players guide, and 50 fathoms GM guide. Users do not see 50 fathoms (SWADE) gm guide. A lot the information in the gm guide relates to NPCs and encounters which impacts the links created by Kevin Doswell. This impacts integration into a SWADE based rules setting.

    Based on conversations on the Fantasy Grounds Discord channel, I was informed that The Gm SWADE guide should be included because Kevin Doswell created it. Just wanted to make you all aware that it "does not" show up and people are not sure why it doesn't show up. As we discussed this yesterday, we do note that the module does show up in FGU.

    In addition to the above comment when I look at the 50 Fathoms (SWADE) players guide, click on the link that says "Ships", the result is an empty box with the title "Ships". There is no information pertaining to ships at all and the text associated with Ships in general does not reflect what was in the initial Savage worlds release of 50 fathoms. Kevin Doswell found the problem yesterday and indicated that he fixed it and the fix should be available upon update.

    Thanks for your assistance as always.

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    Patch should be pushed out tomorrow (for ships), hopefully will fix FGU bug too.

    This will be in TEST this week, Live next week.
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    Just wanted to send a sincere thank you to @Savage_Doswelk and the savage worlds (SWADE) development team. Just applied the most recent updates to FGC and was very pleased to see that the 50 fathoms (SWADE) gm guide was unexpectedly added and that the previously broken link to ships was fixed. Again thank you for your responsiveness and dedication. Both are very much appreciated! Very best regards.

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