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Thread: Larger Font

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    Have you tried the scaleui command? it enables you to rescale the interface,
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    Scale UI is insufficient because it scales every aspect of the UI and people don't necessarily want every aspect of the UI to be scaled, just the fonts. A lot of programs/apps have differing options for scaling UI vs. just scaling fonts. It's a common article of convenience anymore.

    Having a font selection or size selection even if it only works in the chat/notes while leaving area open for maps would be a good middle ground. There were several font extensions that did a work around for this by forcing the font in those areas to just be larger, but they don't work (yet?) on Fantasy Grounds Unity, and they were often server side meaning that all players had to share the same font size.

    Honestly I think a lot of UI problems are some of the largest things that keep FG in general held back. Overlooked but seemingly simple things like not being able to snap masking squares to grid/half-grid, not being able to snap the vision-blocking-vectors to grid/half-grid, doors having to be a block and not being able to be a line, etc.; quality of life improvements, especially for those of us with not-the-best eyesight like that, that add up.

    Sorry if this seems overly critical, it's not my intention to just be negative. I don't know how hard this would be to implement, honestly. I just tire of people dismissing it out-of-hand because they, personally, don't need it.

    Like in the image above, I might want the font in the reading areas larger without making the entire right-hand-side of the board with the buttons taking up more and more space. Their fonts are already larger by default.
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    I think (and hoped that) FGU could redo the UI and make things easier.

    Though it's difficult, for example, the Character Sheet. Fields can only fit certain text sizes, and the labels can only be a certain size as they're linked to the left of a field -90 pixels etc.

    FGU has a scaling problem though already reported. Now there's an FGU version for Linux I'll soon be switching to it, then I can address those.

    Sorry I can't say much to help, a special custom theme for larger fonts is a lot of work, and not work I can do alongside everything else, so I'm willing to help someone if they want to build a theme.


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    I understand. I appreciate the reply.

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    Has anyone answered the original question regarding "Big Font"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriarity View Post
    Has anyone answered the original question regarding "Big Font"?
    The font extensions tend to blow up in FGU because it requires specific types of fonts. That is more of a FGU problem that cannot be addressed at the ruleset level.

    Traveller is generally compatible with Unity but MadBeardMan isn't using Unity yet but has said when he does he will look at the UI.

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    Thanks. Looking forward to one of them becoming useable.

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    I've done a little experimenting now, and on my 4k monitor /scaleui 150 is just about perfect for my 50 year old far sighted eyes.

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    Also frustrated by font sizes

    I too, am really frustrated by tiny fonts.

    The juggle between monitor size, scale and being able to read stuff while seeing all the real estate that I need for windows open is annoying.

    I tried using an extension called "5e Font - 14 Point Clear Font" that is loaded successfully in FGU by my DM and allows us to be able to see the text in chat and char sheets at a larger size.

    However on my iMac I get a bunch of errors alerting me to a missing TTF.

    Similarly if I enable the extension when I try and load a campaign as a DM, I get errors of missing fonts and it doesn't work.

    I've unzipped the extension, and it refers to a font called Driod, which I have found ( for free) and installed.

    It still doesn't work

    Interestingly, the droid font is different to that display when I'm a player in the game where it does successfully load.

    unzipping the extension, it contains references and a bunch of files of type .fgf

    I'm a bit lost at this point.

    Below is the extension and a log file of me loading a campaign.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hi All,

    I'm Unity focused now, CoreRPG has been updated this week and tidied up a few things.

    Which fonts on which screens are people wanting larger, I did a lot of work recently on them, but there might be space for a point size larger.


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