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    Modern near-future maps

    I found this map artist for modern and near-future blueprint maps. Thought you guys would enjoy them.
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    Hmm... I see some tilesets in there... Wonder about putting them into FGU.... Hmm....

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    Very hard to understand what I am buying without proper preview...
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    Yea, the problem is how do you give a preview of maps without giving the product away. This pack has some low res examples of them. It's a very basic architectural style floorplans or street maps.
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    I have these, they are very stylised. Either black with neon, classic blueprint or simple white.

    Not sure they are the greatest for VTT use, they do seem evocative for ‘pouring over maps’ type planning.

    For modern tiles, these are quite good and flexible.

    And this artist does three kinds of different space ship tiles, which I would summarise as Star Trek, Star Wars and Alien-ish (industrial sci-fi).
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