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    5$ Session Paypal/Venmo: FGU Ultimate License: 4 hour sessions, newbie friendly.

    Greetings intrepid adventurers. The Forgotten Realms have found themselves struck with calamities and disaster's time and again as evil and destructive forces seek to achieve their goals at any cost, especially if they can make others pay the price. Often, it is up to adventurers like yourself to keep these forces in check. Have you what it takes to see the BBEG's plans foiled from beginning to end. You need not feel the need to do this for the sake of goodness. Maybe you refuse to allow such destruction to interfere with your plots. Maybe it's the thrill of hunting the forces of destruction that fuels you. Or maybe you're just along for the ride, interested more in the characters you meet along the way. Perhaps it's treasure you seek above all else. The adventuring life's not for everyone, but those with the heart for it will certainly find what they're looking for. But know this, there is one rule all adventurer's must abide by.

    Don't stab your party in the back. Or at least don't be stupid about it.

    D&D 5e Resource Books Owned:
    Dungeon Master's Guide
    Monster Manual
    Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    Player's Handbook
    Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
    Volo's Guide to Monsters
    Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

    D&D 5e Adventure Books Owned:

    Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus. With Colored Maps
    Level 1 Start.
    Baldur's Gate is a cesspool of criminal activity and evil intents. You have grown up in this cesspool or otherwise spend much time here, and know it well. Yet despite your best efforts, or lack thereof, you found it impossible to stay clean in this city of filth. Willingly or not, you have become a suspect in a big crime along with a few others. Faced with persecution, you and those other few banded together and changed your identities. You were all a talented bunch, and quickly made a new name for yourselves while your former names faded away.

    One day, Elturel, a city near Baldur's gate vanished, taking an essential leader of Baldur's Gate with it. This and the onslaught of refugee's has driven the city into greater turmoil, as many fear Baldur's gate may be faced with the same fate.

    Times are based on Central Standard Time.
    A party can take up multiple slots.

    12pm cst. 6pm cst.
    Sunday 0 slots available 0 slots available
    Monday 6 slots available 6 slot available
    Tuesday 6 slots available 6 slots available
    Wednesday 0 slots available 0 slots available
    Thursday 6 slots available 6 slots available
    Friday 6 slots available 2 slots available
    Saturday 6 slots available 6 slots available

    What to expect from me and my games.

    • A helpful DM: I'll help any newbie learn what they need to play on FGU.
    • Pre-read and edited adventures. The quality of source content will be improved to the best of my ability.
    • A reactionary world. Unexpected PC behavior will be met with unexpected results.
    • A quick-learning, research loving DM.

    Gameplay Rules

    1. In Character Creation, you can roll 4d6 die for each Stat, keeping the three highest numbers. You can do so using this macro. /die 4d6d1 seven times. The results are assigned as desired. If you don't like the results, you can use either Standard Array or Point Buy.
    2. Drinking a potion as a Bonus Action can be done with a free hand. If you're using two handed weapons, bows, crossbows, dual-wielding, or sword and shield, potions require a full action.
    3. There's a Home-brew item called Needles of Wound Closure, a consumable item costing 10 gold each and usable with a Bonus Action. These hollow needles contain a potion that Stabilizes any Dying PC or NPC.
    4. PC's spend a lot of time going from place to place, or just waiting for other PC's to finish up separate tasks, so you can make better use of this time by having your PC train, study, or practice their Skill Sets. For each hour of Training multiplied by your Character Level, you can gain 1d10 EXP. This can be done when traveling at Walking speed, but not remembering to take advantage of this is interpreted as your character being lazy or forgetting to train. (This applies only in games using a EXP leveling system.)
    5. Entities can be inflicted with a Mortal Wounds Status effect by stealthy Classes landing an attack on an unaware target. This requires using a melee weapon. Mortally Wounded Entities lose 10 HP per Round and must make a DC 15 Constitution Save each Round, or have Disadvantage on all Actions towards others while giving Advantage to all Actions towards them.
    6. Crits or Fumbles on your Initiative Roll will respectively give you Advantage or Disadvantage on your first turn.
    7. Your Intelligence modifier allows you to know additional Languages or Proficiencies. The Proficiencies must be selected from your Class Proficiency options.
    8. Upon landing a Critical Hit, you gained guaranteed damage based on the number and type dice your critical hit rolls.
    9. You can't cast two Level 1 or higher spells unless both spells can be cast as a Bonus action. Weapon switching can also be done as a free action in combat.
    10. Players gain 1 level of Exhaustion when being dropped to 0 HP.

    Hard Mode Rules.

    1. The Standard rules shown in 2, 7, and 10 no longer apply. Rule 8 now applies to enemy's as well. Rule #9 is altered so that swapping weapons uses a Bonus Action.
    2. Weapons and armor will be given health totals based on the weight of their materials, and the materials themselves. Misuse will deal damage to your gear, and Critical Fails will deal additional damage. They'll wear down slowly through normal use or lack of maintenance. Metal gear is maintained using Oil flasks. Wooden gear can't be repaired. Leather gear
    3. Just like player's, enemy monsters will be able to make Death Saving Rolls after being defeated. Additionally, healing for their allies will get them on their feet just as it would for players.
    4. On top of gaining 1 level of Exhaustion when dropping to 0 HP, Players can gain a level of Exhaustion when hit with a Critical Hit. They must make a Constitution Save verses half of the damage dealt rounded down to avoid this.

    Discord Layout

    The discord room will have two Categories, the payment category and the game category. The payment category has the link to my Paypal and reminders to include your character's name in your payment. This category will also have a channel with each player's character name which has that character's remaining credits written on it.

    The gameplay Category has three channels, one for role-play, one for general chat, and the third for chatting in game. More variety in Channels and Categories can be requested, and may be included across all sessions.

    Why 5$ a session and how credits work.

    • Assuming a session has 6 players and goes for 4 hours, I would make 7.5$ an hour.
    • Links to the Paypal are available in the discord. You'll have to ask me about my Venmo info via PM.
    • Payments are handled through a credit system. Paying multiples of 5$ earns you one credit. Playing a game costs you one credit. Players who reach -2 credits are at risk of losing their spot.
    • Strikes. Players who behave poorly will incur strikes. 3 strikes will cause you to lose a credit.
    • When paying for your credits, please include your character's name somewhere in the payment. I receive many different payments, so it's hard to figure out who's who.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask below. To ask to join a game, I encourage you to send a PM instead of filling up the forum.
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    what level might this be? i will most likely want to play either way, but i have a character ive been dying to play at 8th level.

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    I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about this, but I want to say that I'm still available to run games.

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    Do you have slots open on Monday night still or no?

    I am like Haggar I prefer PF2 however 5e is good too.

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    I do have monday openings, though I don't have anyone else asking.

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    Well my group and I are willing to pay if your familar with the pf2 ruleset, you sound like a good gm.

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    This sounds very interesting. Are there still any 12pm slots available? I would love to do some 5e which I'm kind of new to (read a lot of the material, but have so far not yet played it).

    I also have FGC / FGU

    Thank you for your response

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