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    If you want bug reports, where do you want them?

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    Here works fine. Discord is fine too. You can find me in the Fantasy Grounds discord server's #advanced-dungeons-and-dragons channel.

    If it's mostly typos, fat-fingered numbers, etc, I'd rather see them all batched up. I'll probably do a pass after the full thing is released to fix that sort of thing.

    If you see a systemic problem, like I keep calculating Thac0 wrong or something, I'll take that info ASAP. I'm currently in the "Other" section of the monsters (the last section!) and up through the letter C. I think I have about 40 pages to go.
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    First draft is completed and the OP is updated. All monsters are in. At this point all that should be left is fixing errors as they are spotted.
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    A month or two ago Celestian posted an update to the 2E ruleset that lets you add keywords to spells, and use those keywords in effects to give someone immunity or save bonuses/penalties against those keywords. I just uploaded a new version which has added keywords for all spells. I have not yet updated monster powers to have them yet, or gone through the spell list and created new effects which make use of these keywords (such as, for example, giving someone a +4 to saves vs fear).

    Here are the spells that had keywords added
    Animal Friendship: charm, mind
    Blindness: blind
    Burning Hands: fire
    Call Lightning: lightning
    Cause Blindness: blind
    Cause Critical Wounds: necrotic
    Cause Light Wounds: necrotic
    Cause Serious Wounds: necrotic
    Cause Fear: fear, mind
    Chariot of Fire: fire
    Chaos: mind
    Charm Monster: charm, mind
    Charm Person: charm, mind
    Charm Person or Mammal: charm, mind
    Charm Plants: charm
    Chill Metal: cold
    Cloudkill: poison
    Colour Spray: mind, sleep or blind or mind, stun (depending on effect)
    Cone of Cold: cold
    Confuse Languages: mind
    Confusion: mind
    Continual Darkness: dark
    Continual Light: light
    Darkness: dark
    Darkness 15' radius: dark
    Death Spell: necrotic
    Delay Blast Fireball: fire
    Destruction: necrotic
    Emotion: mind, fear
    Energy Drain: necrotic
    ESP: mind
    Explosive Runes: fire
    Fear: fear, mind
    Feeblemind: mind
    Finger of Death: necrotic
    Fire Charm: charm, mind
    Fire Seeds: fire
    Fire Storm: fire
    Fire Trap: fire
    Fireball: fire
    Flame Arrow: fire
    Flame Strike: fire
    Forget: mind
    Freezing Sphere: cold
    Friends: mind, charm
    Geas: mind
    Harm: necrotic
    Heat Metal: fire
    Hold Animal: mind
    Hold Monster: mind
    Hold Person: mind
    Hypnotic Pattern: mind
    Hypnotism: mind
    Improved Phantasmal Force: mind
    Incendiary Cloud: fire
    Irresistable Dance: mind
    Light: light
    Lightning BOlt: lightning
    Mass Charm: charm, mind
    Mass Suggestion: charm, mind
    Meteor Swarm: fire
    Paralysation: mind
    Phantasmal Force: mind
    Phantasmal Killer: mind
    Power Word, Blind: blind
    Power Word, Stun: stun
    Prismatic Sphere: blind, fire (red), poison (green), mind (indigo)
    Prismatic Spray: fire (red), poison (green), mind (indigo)
    Produce Fire: fire
    Produce Flame: fire
    Programmed Illusion: mind
    Quest: mind
    Scare: mind, fear
    Shocking Grasp: lightning
    Slay Living: necrotic
    Sleep: mind, sleep
    Snake Charm: mind, charm
    Spectral Force: mind
    Stinking Cloud: poison
    Suggestion: charm, mind
    Symbol: depending on symbol: mind, fear, sleep, stun
    Wall of Fire: fire
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    Thanks for doing all this work so the rest of us can simply benefit.
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