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    Agents of Edgewatch Release Date?

    Has there been a release date announced for the Agents of Edgewatch AP?

    It is available already on Roll20 so I rolled the dice and started 2 campaigns of it this week on FG in the hopes it would come out on release date. No sign of it yet so wondering whether I should continue or switch them over to roll20 before I have to input the whole thing?

    If it is a week or two away or something I can certainly manage but ooof I don't want to input all of it if I can help it.

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    +1 for an update, please and thanks.

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    I'd love to know as well, my group is planning to start an Agents of Edgewatch campaign as soon as Fantasy Grounds releases it.

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    This project has just landed in my lap for release. I can promise you only that I will shift gears to make sure this is completed at the highest quality as soon as possible. There's a process it has to go through, too, for final release, but rest assured, we'd love nothing than to have it in your hands in the nearest possible date. Unfortunately, we can't put any real definitive timeline to that eventuality.
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    Thanks for letting us know!

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    That is welcome news! Look forward to turning over some hard earned coin to save me all this importing! Thanks.

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    I was quite surprised to see it released on Roll20 already, especially with Age of Ashes never being released there (Extinction Curse was, though).

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    Waiting to run it with my group...

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    me too

    Is there any update on this?

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    This is still undergoing conversion.

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