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    Experienced DM/GM Looking to see if there is demand.

    Hi I have Game Mastered Pathfinder 1e and D&D 5e for years. I recently learned about Fantasy grounds and am looking to see if there is a demand for me to buy a license and run a paid game, or games. I have run Adventure paths and done free-form campaigns as well.

    I am a west coast Canadian, but I have a mostly wide open schedule so I could do pretty much any time.
    I am open to getting a standard or Ultimate license depending on the number of players and what is needed.
    If you have any questions or comments let me know!
    If you are interested can you send me a pm to answer the following questions:
    What would your availability be?
    What version of FG do you have?
    What kinds of campaigns would you be interested in? (Adventure paths, custom campaign, sandbox, etc)
    How much experience do you have with PF1/5e, and FG.
    What type of player do you tend to be (min-maxxeer, rules lawyer, method actor, etc)
    What price range would you be willing to participate in?

    Will edit this list to keep track of how much interest I have recieved/players for games once they are started.
    PF1: Jroy, Mphillips51501, Judicator
    1800-0000PST, M-F; W night; anything but sundays
    5e: FlipDigs, Delar
    Weeknights & weekends, Thursday nights
    General: bernielomax
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    There are a number of GMs running paid games. Many of their games seem to fill up.

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    I might be interested if you run PF1e

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    I own ultimate edition already but pay per month. If you run pathfinder 1e I would be interested in paying for you to DM

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    I am very new but interested in 5E games. Thank you

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    Experienced PF1e player interested in paid sessions.
    Playtime can be anything but Sunday.

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    Moderators, is there a way to delete my thread here?

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