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    Vehicle Race Tracker?

    I'm working on my own conversion of Save the Renkrodas to GM and I can't see how to access the "Vehicle Race Tracker" as listed in the Starfinder Core Rules product description:

    Does this exist and, if so, are referees using it or do they have their own homebrew vehicle tracking methods in FG?



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    No, it doesn't. They talked about integrating vehicles properly over 2 years ago and have still done nothing. Don't hold your breath, FGs developers severely overestimate their own capabilities. I mean, they didn't even have the decency to reply to this, when they've basically lied on their product page!

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    The starship combat tracker was the first priority that superteddy57 was able to integrate in. I am not sure when he will be able to get around to the Vehicle Race Tracker. I'll leave that for him to answer.
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    I have created a theater of the mind extension for Core based rulesets that may serve well in this instance. As for whether it will have automation related to chases, that remains to be seen. The clean up has been the priority and getting more 'modern' ruleset parts into the system to ease the use of the ruleset. One example is the new Actions tab for PC sheets with a beefed up parser for actions to be created. I want a better overall experience with the ruleset first before additional features can be introduced. Along with my other Smiteworks duties.
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    I toyed with creating a play mat which would have separate areas to show distances, and use tokens for nobs and buttons to track important data.

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