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    LFP looking for 2-4 players Sat Aug 29 @ 2:00pm eastern daylight savings time GMT +4

    Ruleset 5e
    runtime 4 hours
    Experience I have DM'd since 1981, moved to 5e 5 years ago but this will be my 1st time using FG
    Player Exp. Level 2 dungeon, This is a good dungeon for somebody new to D&D but I'm hoping it will be fun for anyone who wants to join
    Characters I have created pre-rolled characters for every of the main classes but if you want to roll your own that would be OK with me.
    That would be fine & if your new to D&D I'd be more than willing to help just tell me when & i'll slot you in.

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    I am interested in your one shot. But I am new to D&D and to Fantasy Grounds as well. I have some basic understanding of how things work.
    Let me know if you are still looking for players.

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    Yes I'm still looking for players, so you're welcome to join us. I have a bunch of pre-rolled characters so you don't have to worry about that but if you really want to roll your own we can get together earlier in the morning and I can help you with that. Here is an invitation to my discord server I will PM you the password to the FG server. Talk to you tomorrow - Hibby

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    I'd also be interested in joining if you're still looking for players? I'm also new to D&D and FG but I too have a basic understanding of the mechanics.
    If there is space, could you let me know what version / license of FG will be used?


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    Yes you're welcome to join us we're playing 5e, & the FG version is Unity ultimate so all you'll need is the trial version of Unity. Here is an invite to my Discord server for the voice communications. I will PM you the FG stuff.

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