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    Character Wizard Upcoming Changes

    We have a few updates for the character wizard, before I start the larger next set of ruleset changes to support FGU and other fixes.

    I've pushed these to Test channel for the next week or so; and then I'm planning to move Live next week.

    • Save button changed to always be visible, though disabled until minimum requirements met.
    • Tools, kits, gaming sets, and musical instruments added to the list of purchasable items in the Gear tab.
    • Caster ability score bonus added to spell selection for classes that get that bonus.
    • Spells from a class choice that gets removed will now automatically delete.
    • Choosing spells for a multiclass will now limit maximum spell level based on the multiclass's level.
    • Spells will now appear under the class's spell group when character generated.
    • Feats will no longer reset to none selected upon returning to the Feats page.
    • Spell choice count calculation incorrect. Fixed. (Note: there is no limit placed on spells chosen so they may go negative. Current design is to not limit player choice.)
    • Spell slots not appearing on generated character. Fixed.
    • Cantrips and spells available miscalculating when deleting a selected Spell or when returning to spell page. Fixed.
    • Paladin and ranger not getting spell choices at 2nd level. Fixed.
    • Artificer spell choice and spell level calculations incorrect. Fixed.
    • Spell list items and select spell list items incorrectly editable. Fixed.
    • Race name incorrectly appearing instead of subrace name when character generated. Fixed.
    • Racial trait links incorrectly pointed to race details, not trait details. Fixed.
    • Final cost calculation for inventory items selected was incorrect. Fixed.
    • Items costing over 999 gold were not calculated correctly. Fixed.
    • Gear items list formatting not correct. Fixed.
    • Summary page UI formatting and controls overlapping. Fixed.

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