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    Anyone? Anybody? I'm looking for a group and to get a hands on experience. Newbie.

    I haven't really had the time to delve into starfinder, nor have i found anyone that wants to play, I've been so busy working on my own sci fi, tabletop, rpg, but now It's at the point where i need to get away from it all and experience other sci fi things i have in my bucket list. So, yeah if someone has room for a newbie I'd be more than happy to play. However I'm willing to turn the table around IF someone is interested in playing Dm/Gm, meaning if you'd be interested in my sci fi, tabletop, rpg, aka Galactic Warfare.SHAREit Appvn
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    You may have a bit more luck posting in the general LFG thread - this one is for Organized Play.

    Also bear in mind that some providing some information (e.g. from here might help, e.g. timezone.

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    I'm planning on running an entry-level game on Sunday. Stephan will be playing and helping me as I GM this system for the first time. Check out the post I just made for Sunday at 5:00pm UTC.

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