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    if anyone else needs a one-shot, i am running one next month and in need of players.

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    Hello, @LuigiHugs (not sure if that is how you tag users in this interface) or any other Fantasy Ground DMs using 5E. I'm an experienced DM with over 30 years of playing experience at a table but just joined this setup. I have DM'd several games on Roll20, but I'm looking for a one-shot to get familiar with this layout. If you run a game, I'd love to join. I'm open to playing any character type (well except evil.)

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    Hey, im looking for a party as well, I've been DMing for about 3 years now. I can do any class as well

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    Same here...Let me know.
    LFG 1 Player flexible play time
    Term: join a Starfinder campaign
    Voice: download software group is using
    Game System Experience: access to most Starfinder material.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Be using FGU since Oct 2020, I have the Ultimate License.
    Character Type Preferred: I like to pick and roll my character or play characters needed
    About me: enjoy a balance of Combat/Problem Solving/Role-Playing. Military veteran.
    Licenses: FGU Ultimate

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