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    Introductions for the new staff

    I have posted these under the various Blog posts where we first posted the positions, but it seems I neglected to give the official shout out to our recent hires.

    Derek Batting (WishX)
    Customer Service Representative
    Join Date: 6/22/2020

    Joseph Belcher (TheGMSource)
    Customer Service Representative
    Join Date: 7/29/2020

    Steven Melton
    Full-Stack Network Developer/Engineer
    Join Date: 8/10/2020

    Derek and Joseph were both big Fantasy Grounds users prior to joining the company and they have been working alongside David Middleton to obliterate the customer support queue. Derek has also been extremely helpful testing installs on Windows, Mac and Linux and also for Steam. Aaron unfortunately left the team in mid June, which precipitated the need for another resource. Expect to see more of the team as we expand out some of their roles to do some fun stuff online and to take a more active role on the forums and Discord.

    Steven joined and hit the ground running. He's already patched some issues with our FGU Lobby server and has taken over the Mac and Linux builds from Ryan, who we let go. He has rebuilt and tested installers and updaters for Mac and Linux and we expect to be showing this work off in the near future. He also did some clever proof of concept work on FGC back in the day to provide grid-based LOS functionality. With the breadth of knowledge and creativity he brings to the team, we have high expectations.

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    Congrats and Welcome. Super happy to see the the SmiteWorks team growing.

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    Welcome Derek, Joseph and Steven!

    FG Con 16 – FG Online RPG Convention - Friday April 16th – Sunday 18th, 2021.
    FG Con 17: October 15th – 17th, 2021.

    Private Messages: My inbox is forever filling up with PMs. Please don't send me PMs unless they are actually private/personal messages. General FG questions should be asked in the forums - don't be afraid, the FG community don't bite and you're giving everyone the chance to respond and learn!

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    Welcome, now get to work! Muhahahaha

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    Glad to see the team growing and improving!

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    Welcome all (officially). I think we chatted on Discord when you suddenly appeared there - Well some of you did anyway.
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the customer support portal https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...stomer/portals

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    Yay for more peeps! Welcome!

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    Great seeing the company continue to grow!
    FG:Classic Ultimate License Holder: Meaning anyone can join my games, even those with just the Demo . . .
    Timezone: CST/GMT-6 (My 'Current' Local Time)
    Currently Running: [D&D 5e] A new player friendly, Viking themed game and the Discord Channel is HERE
    Current Project: Savage Worlds Musketeers in HârnWorld . . .

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