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    So, its been awhile since I followed any of this. I see updates about the progress, but I do not see any of the actual updates implemented into what I am using. Have the above updates been pushed out yet? Maybe mine has not updated for some reason?
    We have been working on it. I understand things have taken a while. They are taking longer than I would like as well, but because I have a full time day job, and do this when I'm not at work, and then the 4.1 update, things have slowed down. For a quick update, I have the CT working on the GM side. I still need to fix a few things to get it to work on the player side, as well as a few tweaks and bugs I am working on. I am also trying to code differently than I was, because the way I was doing it is what caused this 4.1 transition to be as big of a headache as it was. It is a more streamlined process, but now I am an old dog learning new tricks. All I can say is we are doing our best to get it out. I do understand your getting impatient, and I do appreciate the time you have given us up to this point.
    Wesley Toma-Lee
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    Wesley Toma-Lee
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    Nerd Eye Industries

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    Quote Originally Posted by statik37 View Post
    Nice! I look forward to trying it out.

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    Will there be fix on the encoding and update of reference manual as promised times ago?
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