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    [MoreCore] Battletech: A Time of War Extension

    Hi everyone, a thread related to this one has been going for some time in the CoreRPG Section. I have decided to create a new thread here so my modifications to the Extension can be captured better.

    This extension is for those wanting to run A Time of War campaigns in the Battletech universe.

    The current version is ATOW V1.3.2 uploaded here on 110221.

    I won't detail the earlier versions. All new versions will be uploaded into this post.


    V1.2.7 - This provides the GM with the ability to conduct personal combat and Mech Combat encounters. The attached notes detail what included and how the layout works. Added automation for the Mech Range modifiers and applied damage. It currently works with FGC. I will be testing it with FGU over the coming weeks.

    V1.2.8 - Added automation for all range modifiers (Mech Combat and Personal Combat). New Dice Rolls created to cater for standard Ranged attacks, Melee attacks and Thrown weapon attacks. The range data is taken from the weapon information either in the campaign database or the ATOW Data Module. The latest Data Module is also attached.

    V1.2.9 - Updated after some files needed changing to work correctly with FGU. Also now tested with MoreCore V1.60.

    V1.3.0 - Updates to damage applied taking account of the Glass Jaw & Toughness Traits. Wound modifiers now correctly applied. Additional effects added for location wounds (arm, leg, etc). Combat Sense and Combat Paralysis automatically applied to initiative rolls via CT.

    V1.3.1 - Updates to automatically set the personal armour values based on the armour the character is wearing. Also added some house rule healing rolls.

    V1.3.2 - Updates to damage applied. Subduing & Martial Arts attacks now apply only Fatigue damage. Melee weapon attacks and damage by Splash & Blast weapons now automatically select the lowest armour value in adjacent hit locations. Excess fatigue damage is converted to standard damage.

    If anyone has questions, clarifications or suggestions for improving it then post a reply to this thread.

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    Just a quick note to say there is an update to the extension and data module. This can be found in post #1.

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    The extension has undergone initial testing with FGU and all seems good so far. There were a couple of minor updates needed to a few files and these have been incorporated into Version 1.2.9. It has also been tested with MoreCore V1.60.

    The latest version is avialable in Post #1.

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    Some additional automation added for personal combat damage. Traits Glass Jaw & Toughness automatically adjust damage applied. Combat Sense & Combat Paralysis accounted for when initiative is rolled by the GM from the Combat Tracker.

    Latest version (V1.3.0) is available in Post #1.

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    Good to hear the good work is continuing Brotherkelly.

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    Hi everyone, another update for you. Automation has been added for setting the personal armour values based on what the character is wearing.

    I have also added some healing dice rolls as part of a set of House Rules I use to provide characters with a quicker way of recovering hit points. These are entirely optional and discussed in the latest Extension notes.

    Latest version (V1.3.1) is available in Post #1.

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    Latest Version, V1.3.2, is now available in Post #1.

    Damage applied by Subduing and Martial Arts attacks is now applied to fatigue only.

    Damage applied from Splash, Blast and Melee Weapon Attacks now check the armour value of adjacent target locations and uses the lowest value to determine the amount of damage inflicted. The damage multiplier, etc remains unchanged for the original location hit.

    The Prone and Unconscious effects are applied automatically to a target when their fatigue level reaches the maximum. Excess fatigue damage is converted standard damage.

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