Evening Folks,

v1.2.2a has been released, and I've been working on v1.2.3 - there's a thread for this - but it's a larger body of work, so I'm releasing v1.2.2b a quick patch which will be released next Tuesday (2nd March).

This update is a quick bug fix for the Min Damage, but I've been doing some work recently on making fonts bigger, and it's worth seeing that sooner for some people.

  • Minimum Damage. Fixed a bug with applying Damage that always applied a Minimum of 1 when the effect was less than the required 6
  • Fonts. Have increased fonts across the board, tidied up the colouring for less contrast issues on smaller text

That will do for the moment, as you can see the idea is to work with Power, as Pirates campaign the ship you get can't run all the toys as standard, so if I find the time I'll also look at:

Cheers MBM (and the rest of the team).