When: Starting Oct. 17th. Weekly, Saturday 1pm EST (+5 utc). Duration 3+ hours
How: Fantasy Grounds Unity, audio/video with Discord channel or Hangouts
Who: Up to 5 players, with 3 slots available
What: D&D 5e using PHB and XGE, with exceptions. No UA races or classes. Multiclassing is discouraged. The campaign will lean toward an old-school, grittier feeling. Start 1st level.
Cost: $25 a person

Seeking 3 more players to form an inclusive, accepting group of adventurers. Those still learning 5e and/or Fantasy Grounds are welcome and will be taught along the way, but players should educate themselves about these systems and be willing to learn them outside of game sessions when possible.

After reading through the following, please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

The DM: I started DMing D&D in 1980 and have never stopped. For the past year Iíve run 3 pay-for-play groups and these all continue to run smoothly. I am a reliable, consistent, patient, cooperative and professional DM. Iím looking for players that seek the same qualities in a gaming group. I provide players a fun and exciting experience and look to create an immersive game set in a believable game world (at least for a fantasy world). Player actions have consequences and can ultimately influence the world. Tactics, decision making, and character development are important, but combat is a core element of a campaign too. Creative thinking, role playing, and cooperative player interactions are encouraged. There are awesome magics at work in the world and the power of the immortals often bleeds into the world of the player characters. This is about entertainment and having fun. I strive to recognize what a player enjoys and provide that to them.

Player Requirements: A commitment to cooperative play and having fun on a regular schedule. Mature attitude, stable disposition and non-toxic personalities are required. Players should be committed to a game schedule to avoid constant game cancellations from no-shows. Life happens and games can and will be missed and cancelled, but communication is necessary. A cohesive campaign needs consistent players and game sessions. Fun for the group outweighs that of an individual. If a player's inconsistency or disruptive style detracts from the groupís enjoyment they will be politely and respectfully asked to leave the group. Toxic or combative players need not apply.

Thanks much, hope to hear from serious D&Ders soon!