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    [LFP] [P2P] [5th] Professional DM making the jump from Roll20 to Fantasy Grounds!

    I am recruiting 1-2 players for my ongoing campaign Heroes Wanted that has recently made the switch from Roll20. We have 4 very enthusiastic players currently at level 6. The party is;
    Human Paladin
    Drow Warlock; Hexblade
    Kobold Warlock
    Seedling Druid

    The game is set in my homebrew world that I have crafted over the last 20+ years with my groups. Your characters will be able to interact with and shape a world deep with history and rich in lore. The games have all been recorded and uploaded to YouTube as a sort of campaign journal for everyone to be able to re-watch at anytime.

    The game is on Sunday at 7 pm central and costs $50 per month via PayPal.
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    Yes sir! Would you like an invite to my Discord server to discuss further?

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    I have two players, still room?

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    I would like to find out more if you have the time.

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    As far as I can see from your YT channel, all your games are on roll20. Which videos showcase your use of Fantasy Grounds?
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