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    Mike Schley (D&D artist) 20% discount on everything in his store

    Hello everyone,,

    He sent out a mailing with a coupon code, it was listed as being a thank you to returning customers and guests. So based on the "and guests" part, be my guests

    CODE: XmasThanks2016!
    (exclamation included)

    I picked up the Greyhawk bundle* for like $12. I got amazing Forgotten Realms PDF is about $10, so $8 on sale.
    Note, there are a couple freebies always available - The CoS intro and Dessarin maps.

    He has work in most all 5e products and you will have seen it in your FG stuff. Not to mention CC3 with his "Dungeons of Schley."
    Discount applies to posters if you are into that sort of thing.

    Happy Holidays!
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    I love Mike's style. So glad I can replicate it in CC3+! (But not his talent!!)

    Thanks for thinking of us and sharing. Now to go figure out what I want

    Link to his site; https://prints.mikeschley.com/

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    This is one of my top styles for fantasy maps, really great artist!
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