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    Okay Iím totally new to GMing on FG and I want to run Numenera preferably Descovery/Destiny. How do I go about it? Is their any support like there is for other games? I like the automatic dice roll and other aspects for the 5ed D&D Iíve played in is there something like that for Numenera?

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    There are existing rulesets for Cypher/Numenera/The Strange that come bundled with FG; but without any data. You can enter the data as you need to play.

    Without some sort of SRD-style agreement from MCG, or official publishing relationship; data packs can not be made available by either SmiteWorks nor anyone on the forums. Please reach out to MCG, and let them know you want to be able to buy packs on FG.
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    I would like to reach out too. How can I do so?
    I would love to play or run a Numenera game.
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    MCG "Contact Us" Page:

    superteddy57 might have tips on what you should mention.
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    I would suggest you tell them how much you love their game. Also that given the current pandemic it's become central for your enjoyment and continued use of their products that you have access to them in a VTT/digital format. And that if their were available on your VTT of choice, Fantasy Grounds, you would be able to continue to patronage them and continue to play.

    Of course, that's just what I would say

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    I contacted Monte Cook Games through that link and got the following message:

    Fantasy Grounds Conversion

    Hi Logan,

    Our products are currently offered on Roll20 only, but if there is great interest in our content also being provided on Fantasy Grounds it is certainly something we will consider making available.

    Warm regards,


    Kind regards,
    MCG Customer Support Team

    SO let's bug them for it!!
    The beginning of any story is a happy accident; the end, a tragic fate.

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    Woot! Our request for more VTT outside of Roll20; Fantasy Ground included; is working... Keep the pressure on.
    The beginning of any story is a happy accident; the end, a tragic fate.

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