Hello! Coach Robert here from the Donut Family LEGO League team with a request. If you have a moment, can you please have a look at their idea to get kids more involved with fitness? Any feedback would be great!
Thank you,

Hi my name is Ty. I am a 4th grader in Shoreview. I am a member of The Donut Family LEGO Robotics team. This year the theme is Replay. As part of Lego League we are challenged to identify a problem with people not getting the right amount of exercise and propose a solution.

As a team we asked our friends what they like to do in their spare time. They all said they liked to play electronic games for as much of the day that they could. Our team talked about how we could add exercise to games people like to play. Other ideas we talked about included making exercise equipment part of the games or using virtual reality.

Our team decided to create a role playing computer game that will use real world player exercise to gain important game resources and milestones. We selected this idea as we thought it would be the most fun to create and our friends would be most likely to play it enjoying the game and getting their exercise. This idea could be applied to other types of games as well.

We are currently making our game (working title Donutland) using RPG Maker MV and plan to import steps recorded from a FitBit into the game as gold used to buy adventuring gear. We are still working on how valuable exercise or steps are in the game. We want the game to be playable without exercise, but extra rewarding and fun when exercise is recorded.

Do you like our idea? Are there any improvements you'd recommend for our game? What is the hardest part about making a new game that we need to be aware of? Could gamification tie into the kind of games you enjoy? Do you know of games used to encourage peoples' heath or physical activity?

Thank you for your help with our project.