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    Melee vs Ranged problems

    Anybody have any issues with FGU not seeing when an attack is ranged vs. melee? I've had it happen numerous times when a ranged character shoots it shows it vs. their parry and not just a simple 4 or 8 for raise? Tokens on the map are more then 1 space apart. The weapon is set to be a ranged attack. Any ideas?

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    I have seen that. I only noticed it when I had to drag the attack from the chat and drop it on the token on the map, however it could have been happening for the attacks that were targeted. The attack in the chat box reports it vs parry, but the attack in the Combat Tracker appears to be applying it to Defense. It might just be a bug with how the chat box is reporting it.

    Another issue I have seen is FGU not applying Attacks nor Damage when the player has an NPC targeted and is using the attack and damage dice from the Combat tab. Chat reports "Shooting:Sixbow 8" and I can see in the Combat Tracker and by hovering over the PC on the map that they have an NPC targeted but it won't apply the attack or the damage. Tried untargeting an re-targeting the NPC. I dropped the attack and damage results from chat onto the NPC and that's when I noticed chat was reporting it against Parry.

    Overall, it is still working and my players are having fun. I hear FGU will get a Gold release soon the updates should slow down and they can start removing the little annoyances.

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    Can you give me detailed steps how to reproduce this issue?

    FYI, range distance calculation works only if you have targeted before rolling dices. If the attack was not targeted and you dragged the result from chat onto target, it has lost the distance information and it is not applied.
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    Range attacks being treated as melee happens a lot when I switch to hex grid.

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    Can confirm. If I switch back to square grid (changing nothing else) it correctly identifies the attack as ranged. Tested with an attack of range 2/4/8 and at ranges 2-4 it counted as Close Combat. When I moved to range 5, it counted it as short range. At range 7 it was either short or medium range depending on whether I did a clean diagonal (whole hex squares) or a mix of hex middles and hex edges (up, right, left, down).

    Again, switching back to square grid fixes everything.

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