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    Rippers Resurrected and 50 Fathoms have SWADE versions included when you buy them.

    Rippers and Horror Companion do not have SWADE conversion guides, (Horror is being rewritten I believe).

    The main reason I do not go back and re-do SWD conversions is that at some point in the past I seem to have lost my SWD modules (I do not think I technically ever bought them, so I do not get updated versions of the rulebooks), of course I do not need SWD rulebook modules so I have never bother doing anything about it.
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    So far as I'm aware I'm using the Rippers Resurrected SWADE version. I didn't even buy FGU or any components until March 2020. It exhibits the issues I mentioned on the creatures I looked at, namely clicking on a special Ability creates a "New Feat" in the Edge list and has no description.

    Is there something I need to do to ensure I'm using the SWADE version?

    Edit: Open Allan Frazer

    Click one of:
    Great Luck
    Improvisational Fighter
    Level Headed

    Some of the abilities actually work on this character, namely:
    Faction Luminary
    Fortune Favors the Bold
    Gone Native
    Rippertech (works-ish)
    Tomb Fighter

    So what it looks like is that anything that references SWADE Edges doesn't link correctly, but the ones that are defined in the Setting work.
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