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    [LFP][PAID][Long Term] Odyssey of the Dragonlords - Seeking Dedicated Storytelllers!

    Thylea is in peril. In this world, oaths are powerful things, and an oath sworn has bound mortals and titans to co-existence for centuries. However, the duration of the oath was finite and its terms uncertain. The end looms. Already, the titans who have long wished to regain control of all they once ruled have begun to array their mortal worshipers against any who might oppose them. Thylea is a land of many gods - some titans, some deities, some forgotten - and all seem to stand on the precipice of having to choose their sides. Will they favor continued peace on Thylea, or will it come to a war in the heavens and between the mortal faithful?

    Fortunately, not all hope is lost. The Oracle, a seer revered across Thylea, has made known a prophecy which proposes the means to avert catastrophe. A group of heroes, each chosen from among perhaps vastly different walks of life, has been called upon to fulfill three great labors. Should they succeed in doing so, then peace will be preserved, or they will have the means to defend Thylea from those who would refuse it. Humble figures at first, perhaps even at odds, the prophesied heroes must nevertheless work together for Thylea's future even as they begin to realize the monumental stature of their personal destinies.


    * Modern fantasy meets mythology in this epic campaign! A blending of familiar D&D races and creatures combines with a vast selection known only to Thylea, a richly detailed world inspired by Greek myth.
    * A wide array of character creation options! In addition to those choices unique to Thylea, story elements written into this detailed world allow for many existing D&D races to be brought into play. That doesn't mean they always get along, however!
    * Epic Paths! This system allows each player to select a different epic path, substories which factor into the campaign's course as well as the individual characters' development. Every destiny presents benefit, trials to be surpassed, and callings to be realized alongside the main story.
    * A long term campaign which embraces storytelling as much as it does mechanics. Your decisions matter, whether it's on the scale of a single scene or in a way which impacts the heroes' entire quest. I will always allow you to suggest courses of action and create solutions to realize them if feasible, rather than being stuck on the rails of the module.
    * Customized and personalized character creation. I will work with each player to create the character they feel will best fit them in their adventure across Thylea, from class and race choices, to choice of epic path, to answering any questions which may pertain to Odyssey's culture and history.
    * A GM who values you not just as a customer, but as a player with a shared love of this hobby. I am committed to this campaign and to giving you the best that I can offer in storytelling, as well as individual attention to you and your characters. I'm not averse to criticism or requests and will always welcome chances to make the experience even better for you!


    * Players should be committed for the long term, as this is by no means a brief campaign. Odyssey of the Dragonlords will extend dozens of sessions as you work to save Thylea, to pursue side adventures, and to explore your characters' epic paths. Maybe some original content, what's more!
    * While not required, characters who are Good or Neutral are preferred to those who are Evil.
    * A willingness to cooperate as a party, even if it's with in character reluctance, is key to this campaign. The story centers upon a group of people with the weight of an immense destiny upon their shoulders. Like or not, they will need to aid each other as they pursue this calling.
    * This campaign is rich with lore and tradition. I'd really like to see it receive players who are open to being storytellers, those of you willing to depict your characters through voice chat and in their actions.
    * This game is a safe space for all.
    * Players must use Discord, as this will provide both our voice chat and campaign reminders/latest news.
    * Reliable, weekly availability Sundays at 7pm-11pm EST.
    * Seeking 2-3 more players as of this post (10/30/2020)!

    - ABOUT THE GM -

    * 25 years spent playing D&D and other systems, from AD&D 2E onward. As an older school player, I value a detailed and lore rich campaign/world as much as I do interesting mechanics.
    * Choice is a big part of my approach to GMing. Although I am often following a written module, I am by no means on rails, and neither are you! If your decisions feasibly take the campaign down a course the module does not present as standard, I'll work on the fly to realize that.
    * Your time is valuable to me, and so is your fun. You can count on me to devote myself to continual improvement upon my GMing, as well as giving you individualized attention both in terms of your characters and their stories, as well as your concerns and wants as players.
    * I'm casual and easy to get along with, while at the same time being serious concerning the quality of my games and that you get your worth in time and money. Never expect me to be overly stuck up or judgmental, to stack the odds against you without warning, or to be anything other than a fair minded guy who wants you to enjoy yourself!

    Interested? Great!

    If you've stuck out reading the above and you still feel you're up for a long term adventure, then I'd love to hear from you! Thylea needs committed heroes ready to take on the lowest monsters to the loftiest titans in pursuit of its preservation. Feel free to PM me here, or to DM me on Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 to discuss the campaign and have a very short interview. I look forward to hearing from you!


    License: FGU Ultimate (Tasha's not currently in use)
    Availability: Game is currently scheduled Sundays 7pm-11pm EST.
    Seeking: Committed, long term players willing to work together with a group OOC even if IC circumstances and society might encourage some adversity. This is by no means a short module, and we're really looking for folks who are interested and plan to see it through.
    Fee: $35/mo (4 sessions) by PayPal per renewal, paid upfront.
    Player Openings: Two players committed, room for 2-4 more. Two more would be sufficient to get started, with the other two spaces remaining open to others who may turn up! I don't feel that I can give players the individualized attention they deserve should I take more than six players maximum
    Contact: PM here or, preferably, DM (friending me possibly needed) at Legacy Ark Games#0725

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    This has a couple of players all set. Needs a few more.

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    Would be interested, but already committed for Sundays and Tuesdays. If you ever do a game on Thursday along this line, please let me know. Thanks and good luck!

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    We're still looking for at least a couple committed players. Friendly people, lots of freedom within my style of GMing. Please feel free to private message or (with possible need of a friend request) to reach out via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725, as you'll need to connect with the group via Discord anyway.

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    I am interested, I sent a friend request on Disc: Name Atemi#3304 to speak further.

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    Also interested if still accepting players. Current game ended suddenly and looking for a long-term campaign with a great group. Long-time gamer (25+ years) started with AD&D and V:TM. I love the world-concept and am happy to play a character that will gel with the current party. Friend request sent on Discord. Thank you!

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