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    Starfinder - Map all black, Sunrise Maiden

    I was hosting a game tonight and my players had just discovered the Sunrise Maiden. I thought it would be fun for them to run around on the ship and discover the layout organically. I had the tokens loaded into the main airlock but not all players could see the map. I tried sharing and unsharing and sharing again. I had the players quit and rejoin. I tried restarting the server. At this point I could no longer see the map anymore either. I tried unloading and reloading the module. I tried right clicking and resetting zoom and all the other ones. I tried unlocking the map and toggling LOS and the walls. Nothing. It is just darkness. Please help.


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    Also, other maps still seem to load fine.

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    Nothing?! Could someone please tell me where the adventure path image files are stored at least? I can rebuild LOS myself.

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    All the files for Paizo products are in the vault.

    * Did you drag the PC tokens to the combat tracker and then to the map?
    * Did you have LoS turned on or off?
    * Did you have Mask mode turned on or off?


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    Yes, the players were on the map. It was working for a minute or two for the first person I dragged onto it but the others told me all they saw was black. While I was trying to toggle LOS and some other things i listed in the OP it went black on me as well and now whenever I open the map it is all black except for the grid.

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    Do you have a copy of the campaign folder zipped up that you can share via a file sharing site; as well as the names of the player's affected?

    You never answered whether you dragged the player tokens from the combat tracker. If they are not dragged from the combat tracker; they will not be linked and owned correctly.


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