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Thread: Call of Flame

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    Call of Flame

    A stupid zombie walks into a Call of Flame spell. How do I resolve the "A" critical in FG? Trying to roll on the table does not work...

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    Hi Caracalla,

    You will want to open the RM Tables and Table Resolver using the small icons in the upper right corner. Then in the RM Tables expand the Spell Law Criticals so you can see the Heat critical table. Drag the link for that table to the right side of the table resolver and it will add the table to the table resolver. Then you can drag a roll to the table to have it go to the appropriate location.

    One way to speed it up a bit is to create a new attack/item and instead of using an attack table drag the Heat critical table to the attack table name field. Then it should be rollable from the Combat Tracker. You can even target multiples to roll multiple rolls.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Thanks Dakadin - I didn't know you could do that either... was wondering how to roll on tables using the system.

    Very neat and tidy - Much appreciated

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