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    LFP 5E One Shot (with more sessions possible) November 8 or 15, 2020

    This one shot is a modified adventure from the Book of Lairs for Sunday November 15th 6am PDT (UTC-7), depending on response. All characters are pre-gens. I'm a veteran DM / player new to running Fantasy grounds.

    I am looking for 4-5 players

    Game Details
    GM License: Ultimate (players can join with free Demo version)
    Ruleset: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
    System: Dungeon and Dragons 5e
    Campaign Type: One-Shot
    Campaign Length: 1 session
    Primary Language: English
    Camera Needed: No
    Audio: Yes (headset recommended), Discord

    Player Experience Level: Beginner
    GM Experience Level: High
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: Low to Moderate
    Roleplaying Level: Low
    Combat Level: Medium
    Puzzle Level: Medium
    Mature Content (18+): Yes

    Starting Level: 4
    Ending Level: 4
    Character Restrictions: Pre-generated characters provided

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    2 players already in for the 8th.

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    Hi id like to join your game if you still have a spot. I'm fairly new to FG and D&D so i feel it would be a good opportunity to learn a few things. Id Plan on playing a Dwarf Cleric because that's the kind of character id like to use for a campaign (when i find one).

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    November 8th has 4 players and we have room for 1 more!

    November 15th is accepting players.Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian D View Post
    November 8th has 4 players and we have room for 1 more!

    November 15th is accepting players.Thanks!
    I'm interested

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    I am interested for any opening. Thank you.

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    Hey Brian, hope today's run went well. I have two players looking to get into your game on the 15th if you have open slots. We are also new to the Fantasy Ground platform but learning more each day. We are still trying to get a game under our belt and decide if we want to dive all the way in, thanks!

    You can PM on here, or message me on discord: Coolit#6551

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    We’re up to 4 players for Nov 15th, so we only need one more! Discord info to follow later this week
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    Game is full. If someone drops I will reopen. Private Message to follow later this week for all players. Thanks!

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