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    LFG- 1 Player Looking for midweek, morning/afternoon games EST.

    Hello, i'm a forever DM that is looking to be a player again. I have 10+ years of D&D experience and currently prefer 5e but I am open to most things that fit my schedule. As mentioned, I am hoping for a midweek game the plays in morning/afternoon as i have a nights and weekend job. Ideally a 2 or three times a week game would be awesome, but as a DM i know how hard that is to run. If anyone has something in the works that can fit my schedule let me know, i check the boards every other day or so.

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    Henlo fren! As it happens I am looking for a Tuesday group. I am willing to dm so if you are interested in joining me you can message me on discord at DavidSilver#1611

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