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    Changing one thing

    Hmm. I want to change one thing, and it leaves me with two questions:

    What I want to change: A table within Fantasy Grounds CoreRPG ruleset is limited to 20 columns. I want to double that: 40.

    A. Looking through CoreRPG at the manager_table.lua, table_add.lua, and table_main.lua files, I cannot figure out where this limitation is set. In table_main.lua there SEEM to be numbers set at "20" that would do this, but changing them to "40" has zero effect... Any tips?

    B. I already have an extension that completely overwrites the story template functionality within FGU by replacing the story_template_generate.lua file. If I want to only change one value (if and when I can find it!), do I need to also replace the entire file it is affecting? If it helps, I have already read all the documentation, but I still am unsure of the answer to this question.

    C. I said two questions. There is no need for an item C.
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    Try looking at:
    CoreRPG ruleset
    Line 111-112

    Note: You will have layout problems at high numbers of columns; so I wouldn't suggest for release to players without redesigning the whole table record layout.


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    Thanks MW!

    The reason for wanting an increase is the rest of the extension let’s you use columns in such a way, that using a lot of columns with only single words in them (he, him, his, etc) is beneficial. However, doing that gets you to 20 columns fast. I’ll do some testing of course and see what it looks like with lots of single-word columns. I saw some lines of code in there pertaining to the distance between columns- so if needed maybe I can compress that a smidge too.

    Regarding my second question: if I do just swap a single number in the code (29 to 40), do I need to overwrite the entire table_main.lua file still? Or is there a less intrusive solution?

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    MoonWizard: oddly, those lines are the ones I already tried changing, but they seem to cause zero effect? The tables window still creates no columns after 20.

    I also changed line 129 in the same script to 40, but that had no effect either.

    I’m thinking maybe it’s limited somewhere else also? I just can’t seem to fathom where...

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    I still think that having over 20 columns is problematic; since it just doesn't fit well in the way the table record display is designed. If you're making for yourself, then it doesn't matter; but if you're making to share, you might consider that it won't be a good thing for other users. I've attached a picture showing 20 columns on my screen; and it takes up my whole FG desktop.

    I'll look at the code too.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    In table_main window class, the resultscols field has a max of 20 specified. That's what is preventing the addition of more than 20 columns, in addition to the table_main.lua code.


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    That was the roadblock! Thanks MW!!!

    As for the usability, I am not super worried about it. For one, I just wanted to unlock the OPTION to go a bit higher with columns (I ended up settling at 30), so a user doesn't have to use all of them, obviously, and honestly I doubt they will want to very often.
    However, I have run into the issue already, so I needed more and I figure I can't be the ONLY one, right?

    Here's how 30 looks on my screen: morecolumns.JPG

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    Hmm. Doublepost from above. Edited because that wasn't intentional

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    In the latest push of CoreRPG today, I added a TableManager.MAX_COLUMNS variable that you can just modify directly.


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    Thanks for all the help MW! After months of hard work, I have finally finished my project, and I am super excited.

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me figure things out- I could not have accomplished this without it.

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