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    Like I said, this whole thread is psychology not science. Time to turn off the notifications on this one.
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    To those with a genuine interest in testing random numbers, and pseudo random generators the software available from https://webhome.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/General/dieharder.php

    is a go to tool

    if you have the time, it's worth drilling down

    while one user was correct you can never prove true randomness (not even pi), it is incorrect to say that one cannot test for pseudo-randomness

    what we've learnt from the last two comments is that there are non physics professionals who are vitriolic enough to shut down critical questioning

    your anger gets you no where, and isn't welcome

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    My exact quote was:
    Even with the seed you could not prove true randomness - you can only disprove it.
    Which is not what you are suggesting I said.

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    First of all, you are mixing up responses here. I did not write about burden of proof, albeit I would very much prefer for SW to better explain their RNG method. On the contrary, I am spending my free time looking into these things and sharing results here. And the reason I was asking for rolls is because I am not able to easily provide them myself. As a physicist you should know that collecting data is the first step of analysis.

    I have no horse in the race here. If FG's RNG works fine then all the better, if not then we need to find out and ask for a fix. I am not capable of running the more scrutinizing Diehard and TestU01, else I would do so and share the results. But I worked hard to get the simpler ENT results and now I need to ask for data again (or rather wait for MoreCore publication) to feed it.

    All that being said, could you please be less condescending and rude? Thank you.

    PS: We cannot make use of Dieharder or TESTU01, because both are said to require having the PRNG as part of the test-suite (need to be coded in). And since we have no access to the PRNG of FG we cannot do that. So the only qualitative "official" testing method available to us seems to be ENT.
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    Alright. I'm going to close this thread now before it descends into a flurry of insulting posts. Oh, wait.. too late for that.
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