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    LF role master game to learn the ropes

    Before I take the plunge and start converting MERP manuals into FG I was hoping to try out the RM system. I DM DnD currently on FGU but I am new to the RM system.

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    Bayne7400 (from discord?), you might start with the Wolfshield videos, they assume some level of familiarity with the Rolemaster Rules, but could be a good starting point.

    I might be able to walk you through it at some point, I have some errands to run right now though.

    I'll check when I get back, we can get a quick discord session going to do a screen share to go over the basics.
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    Thanks sulimo. I'll check out the video. I actually started converting the AiME today. The MERP books are super pricey!

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