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    RoleMaster - Cannot Find Large/Super Large Crit Tables

    Hey all, apologies if this is wrong forum because I can't find the proper one.

    I cannot find the large or super large crit tables in RoleMaster nor can I determine how to ensure an attacker's weapon is set for either of those tables. Also, when I get a result of (for example) foe is at -20--how do I update the combat tracker for that target with the penalty?

    Please help


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    My experience has been when I drag the Critical result to the CT that it will parse out the necessary effect. Have you tried that?

    For the Large and SL creatures, I believe that is determined by the creature itself (it will have that listed in the creature stats).

    The other thing to do is modify the weapon to include the correct crit (or add a secondary if you want).

    Here are some pics (very quick),

    Here is after copying from the Crit table to the CT entry:

    Then when I attacked with the Orc (note the penalties, it has both the -50 and the -75 from the stun, so -35 (-50-75=-125, -125-90(ob)=-35):

    Creature with SL Crit:

    If you want to add or change an existing weapon to include the L/SL Crit, you will need to unlock the weapon (make a copy first):

    Does that help?
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    Yes! Thanks. Exactly what I needed.

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    There are a couple other ways that you can get to them.

    You can get to them anytime you are resolving an attack in the table resolver. Just right click on the result with a critical and there are options on the left side of the radial menu for Large and Super Large criticals and you can select which column on the tables.

    You can also get to them using the RM Tables sidebar button in the upper right corner. If you expand the Criticals - Arms Law/Claw Law, you should see them both. Then you can drag them to the Table Resolver to use.

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    When the creature has size based criticals, they will be on the radial menu in addition to the normal severity (A-E).

    Edit: essentially what Dakadin said above.
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    Thanks all,
    Now, I have a new issue: PPs. I'm showing 2 Rangers with 90 in IN and yet their power point total is showing 16 and I cannot alter it.

    Why? IN 90 gives 1 pp per level. They are level 5 and have no multipliers OR adders. Where is this coming from and why can't I alter it to the proper total?


    PS: power point development is turned off...but somehow, it is adding 11 points to the PP total even though it's turned off.

    AHH, had to turn off Base Power Points. That was not in the instructional vids. Sorry all!
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    Yeah, there are a few optional rules that can effect the PP total and how they are calculated. I am glad you were able to track it down.

    Also in the Options there is a Auto Calculate: Max Power Points in the Character (GM) section. You can turn that off if you have another way you want to calculate PPs which isn't included in the ruleset. Just realize it shuts it off for all characters so you will have to manually update the Max PP field.

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    Hey all,

    I've researched this issues as well and I cannot find auto add AD in GM options. Adrenal Defense is not being auto calculated nor is it being added to character sheets. What am I doing wrong?


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    Hi Calibre2112,

    There isn't an option to automatically add AD. There is one to Auto Calculate: Adrenal Defense in the Character (GM) section of the options. The character needs to add the AD skill to their character sheet and increase the ranks. Then on the Combat tab in the Defensive Bonus section in the lower right you will see an AD field. If the AT is 1 then the AD total skill bonus will show in the AD field. Hopefully that helps but please let me know if you have any questions.


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