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    Hey Dak,
    Thanks indeed for the response. I've double checked all you said:
    Character sheet has ranks in AD: 8
    GM option auto calculate ON
    AT on combat tab: 1
    NO other armor selected for armor field and none equipped on inventory sheet

    Still no AD bonus showing on character sheet. Thanks for the help!


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    Hi Cal,

    Thanks for checking. I have a monk in the game I am running and it is working for him but it didn't when I tried a new character. I will see about getting it fixed soon. I am too late for the 11/17 release but I can get it in for the 11/24 release.


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    Hey Dak

    My entire Gaming Group (StealthStrikers/Wolf Clan) wanted me to be sure to personally thank you on their behalf. We've been playing RoleMaster for 30 years at the table and your prog/mod of FG is absolutely awesome---can find words enough to thank you.

    Please also look into Warrior Monk Armor penalty: character shows no armor anywhere equipped but Warrior Monk still has a -25 MM penalty which I cannot remove or even find where it's coming from.

    again, thank you so much for all your hard work


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    Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

    I can't replicate the MM. Where are you rolling the MM from? Also do you have any extensions loaded?


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    Yes, I have a few extensions:
    Big Fonts
    CoreRPG - Map Unit Settings Extension
    Font - Lato
    Font- Montserrat
    Font - Open Sans
    Font - Roboto
    Message of the Day
    Rolemaster Fantasy Language Fonts (this one, man, really wish I could change langs to match MERP langs heh)

    that's it

    The MM is listed at bottom of combat tab on Warrior Monk; but it also shows on the CT. We roll it from the CT but I have WM modify it with a +25 in modifier box at lower left for time being.

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    Can you try it without the extensions to see if the issue still occurs? If it doesn't then test by turning on one extension at a time until it starts occurring again. If it doesn't, I am going to need to get a copy of your campaign so I can try to track down the issue.

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    Will do and will post results

    All extensions removed and the MM issues is still there. AD issue still extant.

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    Thanks for testing it. I sent you a PM so you can send me your campaign. This will allow me to track down what is happening.

    The AD issue is fixed in my dev build now and will be in the 11/24 release.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Im pretty sure your 5 font extensions (excluding fantasy) are resulting in you getting very mixed results and almost 100% not what you were expecting to getr

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    Hey Dak,

    I sent off what appeared to be the correct file. Please let me know if I need to redo.

    Heyyas, damned

    Thanks for advice. Launching now with only fantasy fonts.


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