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    A module with the read-only flag uses a different data scheme than a module without. (race.id-##### vs. reference.races.id-#####)

    So, if you changed the module mid-stream, then it would be trying to recreate the old module links when you clicked. You'll need to fix the links on the PC sheets built using the old module to avoid that.


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    I did indeed change the module and used a Non Read Only one when creating them exported again with RO flag set to on. I guess that’s what broke the links. Is there a way I can fix it in the campaign? Worse case scenario I guess I need to create a new character of the same race/background and then look at the DJ.XML campaign file and do some copy/paste work to overwrite the ‘wrong’ links.

    Is that the right approach to fix my problem?

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    You can modify the db.xml to fix; though I highly recommend making a backup before changing any XML files in case an error ends up messing up the database.

    Or you might be able to just drag the new link onto the link field on the sheet.


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