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    STARFINDER - Players looking for GM

    We are 4-5 players looking for a GM to host a Starfinder adventure. We are working out characters right now.
    Please no paid sessions.

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Time zone: varies
    Availability: Wednesday evenings seem to be the best
    Term: Would like to start on a new adventure or campaign.
    Voice: yes - English
    Game System: Starfinder
    Characters: So far and Operative, Soldier, Mechanic
    Game Experience Level: we are all new-ish to Starfinder
    Fantasy Grounds Level: Moderate

    Contact @jasonmountain on FG's discord.

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    If you do find a GM, I am eager to play as well. Still learning fantasy grounds but I have run starfinder before.

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    We have plenty of players. Just need a GM at this time. Thanks.

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    Bump, bump bump. Still looking for a GM.

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