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    BUG: 5E Automatic Zoom and Lock/Unlock Tokens

    First Bug:
    When a player puts a map to the background or unlocks it again, other player maps get zoomed out again automatically. This only counts for players, the Host has no issues.

    Second Bug:
    I accidently locked and then unlocked tokens, but it didn't register for my players as they were stuck in locked token mode and I was in unlocked token mode

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    Can you verify this happens with no extensions enabled? Also which version of FGU are you using?

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    Latest version of FGU, no extensions installed

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    Regarding "zoom":
    When a player opens an image window (or sends to background panel, or reverts from background panel), the player client requests the current GM view and sets the player view to match the GM view.

    Regarding token locking issue:
    How did you modify the token locking? Did you change in the image data control, or via the radial menu? If you used the radial menu, was the image record unlocked and image data control visible?


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    Zoom: With what you're saying the current GM view was then sent to all players, not just a single client request.

    Token Locking: I used the radial menu and the button changed along, not sure what you mean with "image record unlocked" nor "image data control". If you mean the menu that allows for adding LoS, that was hidden away (locked).

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    Here to confirm this problem - Token locking was not working properly in any of my games this weekend and in a test campaign with no extensions loaded.

    Player tokens remain locked from their client view, while seemingly released in the GM view. Toggling by radial menu or by using the token lock button in the image data controls gave the same result. It appeared to me that the tokens were unlocked, while the players still had their tokens locked and could see the movement arrows. When I relocked the tokens, their movement arrows appeared on my view.

    The radial menu seemed to be somewhat unresponsive, too - right click on map to open, click on token lock/unlock and nothing happened. Click again to lock/unlock, and FG would close the menu, change the status in the image data controls, but tokens remained locked regardless of image data control status.

    EDIT: Looks like there's another thread about this, too:

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    Token locking was not working properly this weekend to me either...

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    Same here problem Witherspoon token locking in game yesterday.

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    I can report that the Token Selection doesnt seem to be working. I usually drag a box around the PCs and move them around the map as a group but its only letting me move one token at a time.
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    Had this problem in reverse last night - when adding a party to a new map, I was unable to lock their tokens down, despite setting them to be locked both by way of the radial menu and locking them down in the image data controls. I made sure that everyone had updated to the current release of FGU.

    I was unable to test it in a clean campaign, but as of last night, one or the other of each campaign I'm running has these problems, including the clean one I did get to test this weekend. Obviously, there's something fishy going on with token locking for some of us.

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