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    My First CC3+/COS3 Starfinder Map

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to get feedback and input on my map. I'm starting to really get into cartography and upon a few people commenting on how they liked CC3+ I thought I'd give it a shot. Ended up with the Master Mapper pack in order to get most of what I needed (and also picked up the Tomb of Ultimate Mapping). After reading, doing some practice, and watching some videos I decided to give a go at a Starfinder map for my game. Again, any and all constructive feedback (good or bad) is welcome. I feel it's the only way to improve.

    The premise is the PCs are in Asanatown (Mataras, aka the sun) and walking down a street when they hear a child crying for help after hearing a jolt of electricity. The PCs head into the alley and when in there the Cult of the Devourer followers ambush them. To the north is where the child runs and then heads west and down into the hatch which is then sealed and the wiring turned on producing an electrical hazard. To the east on that same corridor is a dead body in the trash who was another victim of the cult's.

    Here is a little background on the map:
    • Height by Width: 300' x 100'
    • Initially started this in Symbols Set 3: Modern but quickly switched to Cosmographer
    • Cosmographer 3 was used for everything but the "bulkheads" at the northeast and northwest. That I had to hunt for "bulkhead" in the wall toolkit so that also probably was Cosmographer
    • Sheet Effects are not turned on
    • Grids were turned on and used in the making of the map at 5'

    I then "print" it to PDFCreator at 1,200 dpi on letter paper. When I saved it I saved it as a PNG at 600 dpi.

    Three things: 1) I now realize the panel is sitting off the wall; 2) I couldn't get the doors to fit on the wall properly with their thickness while still keeping a ~4' opening; & 3) I don't like how little futuristic flooring and walls there are compared to the other fantasy products - but I'm noticing that's across the board so I just am making due.

    Apparently the upload won't take my map (even though it's less than 3MB). Here is a dropbox link:

    Asanatown Alley Ambush
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