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    MM penalty incorrect when wearing AT1 or 2

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, or if I'm missing something myself. When a character is not wearing armour, i.e. clothing (AT 1) and Robes (AT 2), and due to this has no armour equipped on the combat tab of the character sheet, the sheet gives them an armour penalty to MM rolls, when they shouldn't have one.

    I have done a work around by creating Armour items for Cloth (AT 1) and Robes (AT2) with 0 armour penalty and then have to associate the soft leather skill to the item sheet, but thought I'd mention it on here.

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    Someone else pointed that out recently. Where are you rolling the MM from because I am not seeing it? Are you using any extensions?

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    The only extension that I'm running is the Window save. The penalty is applied when rolling from any MM skill on the character sheet, or if rolling on the MM penalty section of the Combat tab on character sheet, or even if rolling from the MM section for the character on the Combat Tracker. It actually seems to have a unrelated penalty appear on the MM penalty of the Armour MM penalty section of the Combat Tab, but subtracts a -25 from an MM manoeuvre. When you roll a MM it show the armour penalty in the chat window.

    From what I can work out it is because there is no skill for Manoeuvre in none-armour, so it is defaulting to giving the -25 unskilled modification. I have minimal knowledge of how the system works, but I think a solution would be to create an item for Normal Clothing (AT 1) and Robes (AT 2), then add a skill for Manoeuvre in Clothing, then allow the option to select this new skill in the drop down menu of the Equipped Armour section of the combat tracker.

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    Thanks. That helps. I will see what I can find.

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    Hi flpster,

    I've been trying everything that I can think of to replicate this issue but I am not having any luck. Can you do a fresh login to your campaign and just roll the MM for a character with the issue? Once you have that can you show me the screenshot of the chat and the table resolver with the resolved MM roll? I want to see the description on the modifier since that might help me to track it down.


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    If it helps, I've managed to replicate the armour penalty on three characters, 2 pure spell users and 1 semi spell user, when I remove their armour. The penalty is different with each one, - 2, - 17 and - 22.

    Strangely when I try to replicate this on the 2 none spell users in the campaign it doesn't give an armour penalty.

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    Heyyas, flpster

    That's what the error appeared like on my game, but as of the update yesterday, it's no longer showing on the warrior monk sheet (it showed -25 for him, not -17 tho). Have you done yesterday's update to FG?


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    It was still showing after I did the update yesterday. The penalty seems to be different for each character so no idea where its pulling the number from.

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