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    Herolab Online Starfinder Character to Fantasy Grounds Converter

    I'm working on a webapp that will convert your Herolab Online Starfinder character into an XML file you can then import into Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    Here's the URL:

    It's not pretty, and I don't have the download button implemented (it's a simple copy/paste from my DnD Beyond converter, I just haven't done it yet.)

    Here's how it works:
    Create a Character in Herolab Online.
    Click the gears in the upper right, select export/integrate.
    Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Get User Token' - Put that code in the first box on the converter.
    Below that, click on 'Get Element Token' - Put that in the second box on the converter.

    In the converter, click 'Pull Character from HLO', and it will populate the first text area with the JSON data from Herolab Oneline.
    Click 'Parse Character' and it will populate the second textarea.

    Copy/paste that second textarea into a text editor, and save the file as CharacterName.xml.

    Import that into Fantasy Grounds.

    Extremely limited at the moment, but it'll flesh out over time.

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    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    Nice job! Thanks for sharing.
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    I've cleaned it up a little bit, made it just a tinier bit prettier.

    I'm currently working on spells.

    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    Spells are working!!! They don't parse automatically, still trying to figure that out (I have it working for D&D 5E, but not for Starfinder).

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    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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