My group stumbled upon something interesting that I think is rare, but I figured it was worth tossing out there (this is for FGU - I did not test classic). If you type in a weapon in the Combat section of the character (say the character just has a settling specific gun - SSG) but there no entry in inventory, then in the CT the player will not have the targeting buttons if that is that only attack. If you have other weapons that you drag/dropped from Items everything works. But if there is just the one combat entry with no associated item in inventory, then the targeting buttons in the CT do not appear for the player.

(I should say I did not try to type in the same item into inventory - I just grabbed a weapon from Items and dropped it in).

This can be easily seen in the adventure Lost Colony - A Billion Miles From Home. This adventure has pregens for a setting that has not been released for FG yet. Its clear that this was done for the pregens (just type a single weapon in the combat section) as most of the players did not have the CT targeting reticule. But once they did a drag/drop a weapon into their character then closed/reopend the CT, it worked fine.

Hard to say if its a bug with quashing, but those creating pregens for an adventure should be aware of it.