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    Saves and damage application intermittent

    v4.0.1 (2020-11-11)
    Session started at 2020-11-17 / 18:44

    Pathfinder RPG Second Edition ruleset v3.3.11 (PF2 release 17e) for Fantasy Grounds Copyright 2020 Smiteworks USA, LLC
    Core RPG ruleset v3.3.12A for Fantasy Grounds Copyright 2019 Smiteworks USA, LLC
    SmiteWorks Unity Theme for Fantasy Grounds\rCopyright 2019 Smiteworks USA, LLC.

    Two incidents to show.

    1) on line 164- Damage is rolled with the same two targets targeted as the save roll but no damage is dealt to the targets.

    Gerhard Pendergrast: [CAST] Shoddy Blunderbuss [at Killee]
    Gerhard Pendergrast: [CAST] Shoddy Blunderbuss [at Drk Şimşek]
    Killee: [SAVE] Reflex [DC EFFECTS -2] [d20+14 = 26]
    Save [26][vs. DC 24] -> [for Killee] [vs Gerhard Pendergrast] [SUCCESS]
    Drk Şimşek: [SAVE] Reflex [DC EFFECTS -2] [d20+11 = 27]
    Save [27][vs. DC 24] -> [for Drk Şimşek] [vs Gerhard Pendergrast] [SUCCESS]
    Gerhard Pendergrast: [DAMAGE] Shoddy Blunderbuss [TYPE: bludgeoning (4d6=17)] [TYPE: fire (2d10=5)] [4d6+2d10 = 22]

    2) on line 371 - PC saved and was still hit for full damage (this happened more than once but this instance was the least ambiguous)
    Trap: [ATTACK (R)] Eye beam [d20+20 = 25]
    [ATTACK (R)] Eye beam [25] -> [at Killee] [HIT]
    Trap: [CAST] Yellow Eye Beam [at Killee]
    Killee: [SAVE] Reflex [d20+14 = 29]
    Save [29][vs. DC 24] -> [for Killee] [SUCCESS]
    Trap: [DAMAGE] Yellow Eye Beam [TYPE: electricity,spell (6d6=20)] [6d6 = 20]
    Damage [20] -> [to Killee] [STATUS: Wounded]

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    1) Check what the campaign option "Target: Remove on miss" is set to. It sounds like it's set to "Multi". Which will remove targets that succeed a saving throw (or an attack misses) if there are multiple targets in the save/attack action. Note - This initial step of the action (remove targets) will be delayed until after damage is applied if the save damage field is set to "Half on success" (see below).

    2) The "On Save" -> "Damage" field of the save details hasn't been set to "Half on success".
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    Yeah, Half of Success (basic saves) are pretty important to keep an eye out for when creating spells or using spells to emulate various powers, features, or attacks that include damage. The Target: Remove on Miss [Multi] is extremely useful in these cases, too, because for Basic Saves, removed targets will still take the half damage (or no damage on crit success) version as well (because they aren't removed until after damage is applied).

    Unfortunately, when it comes to attacks and powers that are all or nothing (hit or miss, save for no effect), it's always going to be important for the individual actor (player or GM) to recognize when there was a save or attack miss before hitting the damage button. I can't tell you how many times my players just sort of automatically hit the damage off of an attack that was actually a miss that I had to remove from a target because they weren't really paying attention. Same holds true for Saving Throws.

    It's possible I've done it a few times myself , but who'd counting

    However, if you want to avoid that entirely, instead of setting Target: Remove on Miss to [Off] or [Multi], set Target: Remove on Miss [On] and follow up effects won't apply on saves and missed attacks. The only drawback to having that set to on is that everyone will have to remember to reselect their targets after misses and saves.
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    Thank you both. You folks nailed it. This is from an Adventure path (Cult of Cinders) and the spell effect on the hazard was not set up correctly.

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